Let’s Get Cooking! ECC Workshop Series | SESSION TWO


When: Sat., Sept. 24 • 10 am – 12 pm
Where: TSBVI 1100 W 45th St
Austin, TX 78756 Building 607

We are excited to offer a three part workshop series for parents on how to teach their children kitchen basics so their child can navigate the kitchen as independently as possible.

Here’s what you will learn in SESSION ONE: FIRST HOUR – “Let’s go shopping” by giving parents recipes for success in teaching their child to pick out appropriate recipes, making grocery list with assistive technology and talking about grocery shopping with their child who is VI. This exercise will be verbal instruction only with examples like: talk about what you will do with your child once you get to the grocery store; make sure you allow extra time to shop with your child-no rush no fuss; teach your child how to advocate for themselves – asking for help or a personal shopper, etc.

SECOND HOUR – “Lunch Bunch Gang” give the parents basic skills to teach their vi child how to make an appropriate lunch like a sandwich, soup, salad, etc.

This workshop is for 10 participants & parents only.
Childcare will not be provided. Please contact us below to register.

Call or email: Karen Whitty
mekarefree@yahoo.com or 512-587-8246


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