TAPVI Board Meeting | March 4th

  • We are excited to let all know the next location for our F2F board meeting in
    March at the University of Houston’s Eye Institute located here:
    4901 Calhoun Road, Houston, TX
  • What’s even more exciting is that our board meeting will be in conjunction with another event called HAVIN, Houston Area Visually Impaired Network, which is an annual event at the eye institute.
  • Please come and meet us and give us your thoughts on topic like: Member engagement, Family Support Groups, Fundraising, Social Media, Events, Conferences, you name it!

Questions? Contact us via messenger or email us at: tavpifamilies@gmail.com

Walking directions to our meeting room:
Shulman lounge #2300, (Enter through the Heath and Biomedical Sciences Bldg. under the awning, enter through the double glass doors, go down the hallway to the end, go upstairs, turn left down hallway, and another left. The room is on that corner.)

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