Meet our Board Members


President, Karen Whitty • Round Rock
I am a native Texan, originally from Tyler, and have lived in the Austin area for over 15 years. My husband and I are the parents of a 19-year-old sophomore at Texas A&M, and a 17-year-old junior at Lake Travis High who is visually impaired.  Read more

President Elect, Deb Christoph • Houston 
I waited until I had a good job, medical insurance, a husband, a house, all my “ducks in a row” before I got pregnant. However, none of that matters when biology has other plans. Ashley was born 16 weeks premature, weighing less than a pound and considered a micro-preemie. Read more

Past President, Veronica Alvarez (Habla Español) • Round Rock
Born in Mexico, I have been a resident of Texas for 13 years, living in Round Rock with my husband Nazario and our two children, Diego, 12 years old, and Anna, 7 years old. I was a pediatrician in Mexico and am taking ESOL classes now. Read more

Treasurer, Linda Hulett • Houston
I have worked in the world of special education since 1992 as a special education teacher and then as an educational diagnostician. I am married with two children and two dogs. My son, Robert, was born in 2004 and was diagnosed with a Cortical Visual Impairment when he was 3 1/2 months old. Read more

Secretary, Alison Brown • Houston 
Decades ago, I thought I had it all figured out — I got my education and my dream job, married a man whom I thought would be a great dad, and I started on my family. I had two daughters and everything was just how I planned it. Then life threw me a few curve balls when I discovered my younger daughter was legally blind, and eventually that she had additional disabilities. Read more

Liz Eagan • Austin
As are most of the other board members, I am a mom and a grandmother and I love those roles! My passion for disability issues was kindled by personal experiences with my siblings, and I have turned that into a twenty-five year career in the teaching field, including teaching life skills in the middle and high school arena and teaching students with visual impairments of all ages. Read more

Gwen Davis • Austin (not pictured)

Jean Robinson • North Texas

Rachel Simpson • Austin (not pictured)

Cyral Miller • Austin (not pictured)
Cyral is Outreach Director at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and an adviser for TAPVI. She is a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments, proud of having studied in the program at UT established by Dr. Natalie Barraga. Read more